Getting Started

Adding the Dependencies

poi4s is a published as a common library (poi4s) plus format specific libraries (poi4s-gpx etc). The common library is pulled in as a dependency of the format libraries so you just need to add the formats you need to your build.sbt:

val poi4sVersion = "0.0.2"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "software.purpledragon" %% "poi4s-gpx"  % poi4sVersion,
  "software.purpledragon" %% "poi4s-kml"  % poi4sVersion

Converting a File

import software.purpledragon.poi4s.gpx.Gpx
import software.purpledragon.poi4s.kml.Kml

// read in a KML file
val is = new FileInputStream("in.kml")
val parsed = Kml.Parser.parseFile(is)

// write out to a GPX 1.1 file
val os = new FileOutputStream("out.gpx")
GpxWriter.Parser.writeFile(parsed, os, GpxVersion.Version11)

Parsing Files

import software.purpledragon.poi4s.gpx.Gpx

val is = new FileInputStream("in.gpx")
val parsed = Gpx.Parser.parseFile(is)

println(s"Name: ${}")
parsed.waypoints foreach { wp =>
  println(s"(${}, ${wp.lon})")

Writing Files

import software.purpledragon.poi4s.kml.Kml
import software.purpledragon.poi4s.model.PoiFile

// generate the GPS data
val poi = PoiFile()
  .withName("Test File")
  .withWaypoints(Seq(Waypoint(1.1, 1.0), Waypoint(1.1, 1.1)))

// write out the file
val is = new FileOutputStream("out.kml")
Kml.Parser.writeFile(poi, os, KmlVersion.Version22)