Getting Started


Install the plugin by adding the following to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("software.purpledragon" % "sbt-dependency-lock" % "1.5.0")

And then generate a lockfile with sbt dependencyLockWrite. This will resolve dependencies and output a lockfile containing all dependencies (including transitive ones) to build.sbt.lock.


The generated build.sbt.lock file should be checked into source control with the rest of the project source code.

Checking for Dependency Changes

The status of the lockfile can be checked using the dependencyLockCheck which will resolve the current dependencies and check them against the lockfile.


Adding dependencyLockCheck to your CI build is a great way to catch dependency changes.

Valid Lockfile

If the lockfile and current dependencies match then a success message will be printed, and the build will succeed:

[info] Dependency lock check passed

Missing Lockfile

If no lockfile can be found then an error will be printed, and the build will fail:

[error] (dependencyLockCheck) no lockfile

Lockfile Mismatch

A mismatch between the lockfile and current dependencies will generate an error report summarising the differences:

[error] (dependencyLockCheck) Dependency lock check failed:
[error]   3 dependencies changed:
[error]     org.apache.commons:commons-lang3       (test)  -> (compile,test)  3.9 
[error]     org.scala-lang.modules:scala-xml_2.12  (test)                     1.2.0  -> 1.1.0 
[error]     org.scalactic:scalactic_2.12           (test)                     3.0.8  -> 3.0.7 
[error]     org.scalatest:scalatest_2.12           (test)                     3.0.8  -> 3.0.7 

The error report is broken down into a number of sections:

  1. Configurations added:

    1 config added: it
  2. Configurations removed:

    2 configs removed: it,war
  3. Dependencies added:

    2 dependencies added:
      com.example:artifact1  (compile)  1.0
      com.example:artifact2  (test)     1.2
  4. Dependencies removed:

    1 dependency removed:
      com.example:artifact3  (runtime)  3.1.1
  5. Changed dependencies:

    3 dependencies changed:
      org.example:both     (compile)       -> (compile,test)  1.0  -> 2.0
      org.example:configs  (compile,test)  -> (compile)       1.0
      org.example:version  (compile)                          1.0  -> 2.0
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